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About Product School

Since 2014, we’ve been training the next generation of Product Managers who will shape the world.

Either Online or from one of our 20 Campuses located worldwide, students receive hands-on experience by working with industry leading Product experts who work with top tech companies and other technology startups.

Your Product Management
Certificate Path

Product Manager

  • Assess Target Opportunities
  • Determine Your Target Customer
  • Learn How to Build Software Products
  • Learn How to Land a Job in Product

Product Leader

  • Product strategy marketing
  • User research UX/UI design process
  • Product analytics data-driven decisions
  • APIs, deployment web development

Product Executive

  • Product Leadership Fundamentals
  • Leading High – Performance Teams
  • The Art of Influence
  • Embracing Change and Managing Growth


Product School’s Product Managament Certificate Path comprises of 3 part-time courses for professionals with strong technical or business backgrounds who want to further explore Product Management at software-based companies.

Upon completion, we provide Product Manager Certificate (PMC™), Product Leader Certificate (PLC™) and Product Executive Certificate (PEC™).

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