Product School has a network of over 20,000+ alumni.
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As an alumni of Product School, you have access to the largest online product communities across the world on Slack, LinkedIn and Facebook. Seek advice, increase your network and get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry.

Career Services

Product School prides itself on the fact that we provide our students with the best career support. From helping our students fine tune their resumes and refine their interview skills to helping them create an effective job search strategy. Product School also has a Job Portal that directly links students to employers.

Continued Learning

Product School is big on helping our students grow and hone their skills even after graduation. For this reason, we’ve partnered with Udemy to give Product School alumni special discounts for a select number of courses.

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With the flexible scheduling that we provide, choose between part-time training or the accelerated option. In both the on campus and online courses, expect a healthy dose of group work, hands-on learning with mentors, and experiential development of software products.