5 Ways to Stay Highly Motivated in 2019

We’re a long way away from New Year’s now. When you think back on your list of resolutions, did you accomplish everything you envisioned for the year? If switching your career path and pivoting into product management fell on that list, here’s a few things you can do to focus on making it happen. Because it’s never too late to re-motivate yourself.

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Get Serious

This is not to say that you aren’t already. But, we all know the feeling after that amazing wave of motivation that a New Year brings is gone and with it our motivation. If, in this moment, you are serious about making a change, put plans in place to help you stay on the right track. Whether you put up a bulletin board above your desk with important information, or programme events and reminders into your calendar app, set yourself up for future success. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon and there’s no better time to get started than now.

“To differentiate yourself and grow in your career, you really have to continue making small investments over a long period of time to reap the rewards. Quoting one of my mentors, ‘You got to crawl, walk, then run.’” Mohammad Musa, Product School instructor and former Google PM.

Dedicate Time

In order to get the job as a product manager, you have to start working and thinking like a product manager. This takes time to learn, read and understand. Set aside some time each week to study new tools, review product teardowns, read about the industry and learn how to talk about product management fluently.

Start Your Side Project Now

The truth is, most people who land jobs in product management have worked on some sort of side project, whether it’s founding a startup, putting up a blog or designing an app. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, use it to build something. This will give you that outside experience of being a product manager, and give you an edge that not everyone has. It shows you’re a doer, and that you are willing and able to rise up to challenges and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. The key is to not wait.

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Build your writing skills

No matter where you are in your career, it’s never too late to work on your writing techniques. You’ll need this for your side project, blog, or anything else you plan to do related or even unrelated to product management. LinkedIn is the place to be online when it comes to being seen by potential employers, and it also happens to come with its own publishing platform. Commit yourself to writing a new article every few weeks to build up your skills and online visibility simultaneously.

Increase Your Network

Here’s the big one we always mention. It helps to surround yourself with the people that motivate you and that you aspire to be like. Go where you can meet other product managers, mentors, or peers also looking to get into product management. Join communities or Meetups like our Slack Community. We also host events every week covering various topics from how to get a job in product management to storytelling and much more.

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