The Bootcamp Revolution

Bootcamps in Tech

There’s no doubt about it, any and everything you want is on the tip of your fingers with a tap of a screen. In this day and age, you can have what you want in real-time without wasting any of it. I’m sure we can all admit the variety of options can be quite overwhelming to choose from as each day a new concept is introduced to help eliminate the hassle and time it takes to complete a task. Instacart delivers groceries to your door, Uber will arrive in minutes to take you anywhere, and waiting at the laundromat is a thing of the past with Rinse. As the list of perks evolves, convenience seems to be the common factor that binds these concepts together. It is no surprise that this trend is trickling over into the way bootcamp education is done.

San Francisco is a major hub for a plethora of opportunity in the tech industry and the recruiting demand for qualified individuals is rising. More and more people are consistently signing up for immersive bootcamp cohorts that allow them to qualify for their dream job in a matter of weeks – not years. If you look closely, in the heart of San Francisco, you will find that there are handfuls of schools popping up from block to block offering affordable immersive courses covering a variety of topics and ranging from a very short 6-24 weeks.

Topics such as Mobile Programming, Product Management, UX Design are being offered in an immersive format at . Multi-course schools such as General Assembly offer a full spectrum of courses in technology, and others such as Dev BootcampCode Path or Hack Reactor, offer immersive cohorts focused solely on coding. Product School has made its entrance onto the scene, paving the way as the first school to offer an immersive Product Management, Coding, Data Analytics, and Blockchain courses. It shouldn’t be too long before we hear of a UX Design course pioneering the UX immersive. Some of these schools are even guaranteeing a full refund if the students don’t get a job after graduating from the course. This is completely changing the rules of how much time, energy, and money one must exert to score the career they want.

Could the immersive learning movement revolutionize the future of education?

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