Product School is Coming to New York and Silicon Valley

Product management training courseThere was no way around it. Product managers are taking control of the most important tech companies in the world. Product School has taught over 2,000 professionals about product management through its courses and workshops. Our graduates have landed product jobs at leading companies such as Uber, Cisco, and Salesforce. We needed to expand. And now Product School is coming to New York and Silicon Valley!


Where are we going?

After the success of our San Francisco campus – where we hold our 8-week course as well as weekly workshops – Product School is spreading its wings to both coasts! These two additional campuses will allow us to deliver much-needed courses to aspiring product managers in strategic locations:

  • New York is no longer known just for the NYSE, according to Forbes, tech companies are taking the city by storm. Venmo, Yext, and Fiverr are some examples of fast-growing tech companies.
  • Silicon Valley, the worldwide capital of tech innovation, is the home of big players such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. Many other companies have followed and established themselves in the valley.


What are we teaching?

Product management is the new trending career path in tech. Non-technical professionals are trying to learn technical skills to be able to have a deeper understanding of the products they work with. Technical professionals look to learn business skills to have more decision-making power in product strategy.  However, due to its novelty, there are scarce options for people who want to learn and practice fundamental product management skills. Product School has successfully filled this blank space by creating a program that not only teaches its students how to be great product managers but also supports them in their job search.

It is amazing to look back and realize how far we’ve come in such a short time. We believe in what we are doing. The role of a product manager will only become more important with time. We will continue in our mission to deliver high-quality education and prepare top product managers… San Francisco, New York, and Silicon Valley are just the beginning for Product School.

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