Two of Today’s Top Product Leaders Join Product School

We are excited to announce that we’ve welcomed two of today’s top Product Leaders to help keep Product School on the bleeding edge of Product Management training and education in our fast-changing world.

  • Vivek Bedi, Fmr. CPO at Northwestern Mutual & Learnvest and SVP Product at Goldman Sachs, joins Product School as our Chief Academic Officer.
  • Alfonso de la Nuez, the Co-Founder and  Chief Visionary Officer at UserZoom joins us as a new member of our Board of Directors.

Good hockey players move to where the puck is, great hockey players move towards where the puck is going. With these two Product Leaders helping to guide the ongoing development of our courses and curriculums, Product School is staying focused on the future.

“There’s a buzz” — Product Management is growing and changing

“There’s a buzz” says Vivek, explaining that Product Management is now expanding more horizontally in organizations, meaning that entire companies are now focused on thinking with a Product-first mindset. This trend causing the demand for Product talent to skyrocket, with LinkedIn counting as many as five million Product related roles currently in existence, with more being added every day.

“The knowledge that a Product Manager needs to have is completely different from what it used to be,” says Alfonso in the context of digital transformation and the shift from static products towards constantly iterated living apps, websites and digital experiences.  “Product Managers are responsible for the success of the product itself, not just for the success of the product development,” he explains. 

Watch Vivek and Alfonso discuss the future of Product with our CEO

Alfonso and Vivek joined Product School’s founder and CEO, Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia for a robust 45 minute conversation about where Product Management is heading. If you want to know where the puck is going to be, then register here to catch the webinar replay:

Vivek will also be teaching two exclusive certification course cohorts for our Senior Product Manager Certification (August 22 until October 17) and our Product Leader Certification (September 13 until November 3).  Schedule a call with our Admissions Team today for your best chance at securing your place.

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