Product School’s Vs. General Assembly’s Product Management Course

It’s time for the showdown! Who offers the best product management course? Is it the big player, General Assembly, or the up-and-comer, Product School? Well… Turns out that both are really good, it just depends on what you want to get out of it. Let’s elaborate.

Course content

The first thing to consider when making a decision. Certainly, both courses offer education on the most important topics of business, technology, design and communication. You’ll learn the essential product manager skills: from persona development to prototyping. On the one hand, Product School’s approach is more hands-on (including a final project deliverable). On the other, the General Assembly Product Management course is more theoretical.

Moreover, Product School places a high level of importance in making sure its alums find jobs as product managers. That’s the reason why the syllabus includes classes specifically dedicated to the job search strategy and interviewing for product management jobs.


Arguably, the quality of both courses relies deeply in the quality of its instructors. Logically, we recommend that you assess this yourself. Just go to the info sessions and talk to the team and instructors. Product School even offers 1-hour workshops on the side of the 8-week course, which is useful if you want to get a taste what the program is like.

Class schedule

As its name suggests, General Assembly’s Product Management course is comprised of whole day classes during weekdays and sometimes weekends. This is great if you’re looking for an immersive experience, but not so great if you want more flexibility.

In turn, Product School’s course was designed with working professionals in mind, so classes are either twice a week in weekday evenings, or once during the weekend.


Plainly, there is a huge gap here. The General Assembly immersive Product Management course’s price tag reads $10,500 for a 10-week program, whilst Product School’s course costs $3,999 for an 8-week program.


This content was written by the Product School team. Interestingly enough, this program was built by our CEO, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, after his experience as the Lead Instructor for General Assembly’s product management course. In fact, it was not created to compete, but to serve the needs of a more specific target. Ultimately, Product’s School’s objective is to “make sure you learn in a very practical way how to manage, design and market a product”, but we also help you land a job.

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