Meet Thousands of Awesome People in Product

If you’re a product manager, want to be a product manager, like talking about product management, user experience, design or tech in general, and are interested in meeting like-minded people from various corners of the earth, you’ll want to check this out.


Product School slack_community


As product managers in a wide-spread, fast-paced industry, there is constant need for feedback, updates, new tools, advice and the genuine support of other humans sharing a similar passion. That is why we created this community.


The largest Slack Community for Product Managers


Meet Thousands of Current and Aspiring Product Managers, UX Designers, Developers, Marketers and People in Product from All Over the World.

We’ve opened the Product School Slack Community to inspire future generations of people in product, encourage winning conversations, and boost global collaboration. So far, it’s been awesome.


Here’s a glimpse at what happens inside:

  • Talk about the latest product and features reviews
  • Share the most effective tools in the industry
  • Share products you’ve created to gain insights, feedback and feature suggestions
  • Chat about user experience
  • Share job opportunities and resume reviews
  • Talk about prototyping and design tools and roadmapping strategies
  • Share tickets to product management events, workshops and conventions
  • Share industry news and developments in Tech
  • Tips and resources on how to break into product management, and best practices once you get the job


Here are some of the people you will meet:

  • Product Managers from all over the world in companies like MasterCard, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Aspiring product managers working on innovative developments
  • Founders who have successfully launched their own great products
  • Managers or others who are hiring in product management
  • Carlos, the CEO of Product School

Whether you are looking to break into product management, are at a junior level or were part of the founding companies of the industry, this is the place to connect and share ideas.

We look forward to seeing you inside! Get your invite now.


To connect with us on Twitter, tweet us @ProductSchool

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