Top 5 Blogs All Aspiring Product Managers Should Follow

Product management is still a young career. Universities of colleges do not teach it properly (although there are options available for those looking for education on product management). Moreover, there is to learn even for those who have long careers as product managers. Due to its novelty, aspiring and current product managers have to keep up to date with new trends, techniques, and tools that appear every day. Here is a list of the top 5 blogs to follow if you are an aspiring product manager:


The Art of Product Management

Jackie Bavaro, co-author of Cracking the PM interview and Product Manager at Asana, keeps one of the most interesting product management blogs on Quora. She writes not only about landing a product manager job but also tips and advice to become a better professional.


Tech Product Manager

A blog managed by Daniel Elizalde, director of Product Management at Stem, where he publishes tons of useful “how to’s” and interviews with product leaders. Elizalde is also a product management instructor for Product School, which is why his writing style is extremely didactical.


Product Manager HQ

When the authors of this blog – Kevin Lee, Glen Chen and Grace Noh – where trying to find jobs as product managers, they struggled to find resources and information about the career and how to break into product management. Now that they are all successful product managers, they have started Product Manager HQ to offer just that.


Mind the Product

Mind the Product is more than just a blog. It is a community where you’ll find posts by product management thought leaders, as well as meetups and other events, and even job postings. What we love about this site is the amount of video content available – for you lazy readers out there.


Product School

Product School focuses on providing hands-on education for professionals looking to transition into product management. In our blog we will give you a taste of what our courses are like, offer advice on how to start you journey towards becoming a product manager, give reviews and links to valuable resources and books, tips to excel at your new job, and recommendations to get you thinking and acting like a product manager today.


Whether you’re in your path towards becoming a product manager or have been a product manager for some time now, we encourage you to check out the 5 blogs listed above and follow the one that suits your preferences and needs. Product management is a constantly-changing career that is becoming more and more relevant each day. Staying on top of trends and news is only one more task that you have to put on your list to be a successful product manager.

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