Building Search Products by LinkedIn Product Manager

Are you curious about what it takes to build search products? Both Facebook and LinkedIn, and many more tech companies put a ton of effort into this. Why should you waste your time on thinking about search, discovery and search products?  

LinkedIn’s Group Product Manager gave us some powerful insights during her recent talk. 

Group Product Manager at LinkedIn

Shakhina Pulatova is a product leader whose passion lies at the intersection of product management and Artificial Intelligence. Throughout her career, she launched innovative products deeply rooted in Search, machine learning, NLP, predictive analytics and recommendation systems.

Currently, Shakhina is a Group Product Manager at LinkedIn, where she has been leading Search and Discovery, and (more recently) profile and reputation products. Previously, she led the Discovery product team at Eventbrite and drove machine translation at eBay. Shakhina holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Search Basics

Shakhina gave an overview of the search and discovery problem and explained what intent means. She presented LinkedIn’s approach to navigating and exploring its economic graph using search technologies. She also highlighted how LinkedIn uses machine learning to model user intent, understand user query, and rank search results to deliver personalized experiences.

Building Search Products by LinkedIn Product Manager

Bullet points:

  • Search is a computational problem that requires finding a solution.
  • Search is finding something when not even looking.
  • The main thing is that we search to find and explore to discover.
  • An example of constant search is natural selection and the evolution.
  • The concept of intent is in the core of search and around it we have the strength of intent, effort, consideration, control and specificity.
  • Search is about finding the truth:
    • An important concept in the world of search is precision.
    • When searching we want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • At LinkedIn:
    • Through search can one find a LinkedIn’s member’s dream jobs or connect them to the right people and learning content.
    • The heart is in opportunity.
    • Intent is divided into navigational and exploratory search fields.
  • The stages of finding and discovering opportunity are
    • Understand/predict intent
    • Find & present answers.
    • Go beyond & inspire more questions. 

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