20 Product Leaders To Follow on Twitter in 2020

It’s no doubt that there are dozens of truly great leaders in the Product Management industry with their powerful insights, industry knowledge, and killer strategies. Luckily, we can keep up with them on social media. If you are an aspiring PM, here are some awesome product people on Twitter that you should be following. We also created a special list on our own account so you can follow these leaders easily!

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Leaders in Product Management You Should Follow on Twitter

1. Jason Fried

Jason is the CEO and founder of Basecamp. And ever since, he’s risen to the top as one of the “go-to” resources where Products are concerned. He’s also made a Ted Talk, co-wrote a book with David Heinemeier Hansson called Rework, and is continually responding to his followers’ questions on his Twitter.

2. Hiten Shah

Hiten is the Co-Founder of FYI and Co-Owner of Crazy Egg. Before that, he co-founded and was CEO of KISSmetrics and was a Board Member at iSocket. He also has a weekly newsletter called Product Habits, where he focuses on teaching people how to create high growth products that people love. We even interviewed him on our recent CEOs Product Podcast!

3. Ryan Hoover

Ryan launched Product Hunt in 2013, and since it’s launch, it has become one of the go-to sites for product discovery. He was a speaker on TechCrunch Disrupt and has been featured in many articles throughout the tech media world.

4. Josh Elman

Josh Elman has quite a history with product, having worked as a Senior Product Manager for LinkedIn, Head of Product at Zazzle, Product Manager at Twitter, and VP of Product at Robinhood.

On his Twitter, he shares commentary on the product world’s state and ponderings on its future.

5. Scott Belsky

Scott is an executive, entrepreneur, author, and investor who defines himself as an “all-around product obsessive.” He currently works as Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Creative Cloud. Most notably, Scott is the founder of Behance. His Twitter is full of insights into the creative industry and his thoughts on the product world.

6. Suhail Doshi

Suhail co-founded Mixpanel when he was 20, and seven years later, he was running a company worth close to $1 billion. Nowadays, as he stepped back from leading Mixpanel, he launched MightyApp (which speeds up Google Chrome by streaming it from a more powerful computer in the cloud) and is active on Medium and Twitter. He enjoys sharing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and product people.

7. April Underwood

April is known mostly for working as the Chief Product Officer at Slack and co-founding the investment group #Angels. But before all that, she held positions at top tech companies like Twitter, Google, and Intel.

8. John Cutler

John is the Head of Product Research & Education at Amplitude. He defines himself as a “multiple hat-wearer” who loves wrangling complex problems with qual/quant data. Follow him on Twitter to get first-hand access to his vision of the product world.

9. Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny is a former Airbnb Growth Product Manager who works on writing, advising, and investing in new projects. His Twitter is full of exciting insights, funny remarks, and real-world advice on working in Product. He also has one of the top PM newsletters that tackles reader questions about product, growth, people management, and anything else related to work in the industry.

10. Shreyas Doshi

Shreyas is a Product Manager at Stripe, where he currently leads the terminal and mobile products. On his Twitter, he is known for tackling the more “human side” of working in Product by discussing everyday life-work balance struggles and it’s psychological roots. He defines his content as “useful for some, useless for many.”

11. Nick Mehta

Nick is the CEO of Gainsight, a Customer Success platform provider that empowers hundreds of customer-focused businesses to deliver outcomes. Nick is also a big sports enthusiast. Sports has led him to view his job as being like a “head coach.” His goal is to help bring the right people together and put them in the best position to win. His Twitter is full of Product advice and a few sports analogies.

12. Diana Berlin

Diana is a product leader and coach based in San Francisco. Her passions include writing letters, product management, reading, and podcasts. Right now she is the co-host of Should We, a podcast that revolves around creative conversations about the everyday choices that make us who we are.

13. Jackie Bavaro

Jackie is the co-writer of Cracking the PM Interview and is currently working on the sequel Cracking the PM Career. She has extensive product management experience, working as a Product Manager at Asana for eight years, and now as an advisor for the company. You should follow her on Twitter for PM best practices and trends.

14. Nick Caldwell

Nick is a VP of Engineering at Twitter, responsible for all consumer-facing products. Before that, he worked as Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Looker (acquired by Google) and VP of Engineering at Reddit. He also spent 13 years at Microsoft.

​The best thing about his Twitter is that he’s up to date with all things Product and never let’s go of his funny side while at it.

15. Eric Boduch

Eric is mostly known for being the co-founder of Pendo, a product cloud that provides user insight, user guidance, and user communication for digital product teams. But he has also had extensive experience as a marketer, investor, and advisor. Eric also hosts a podcast called Product Love Podcast by Product Craft.

16. Ben Galbraith

Ben is the VP of Product at Segment, where he’s been leading the team for over a year. Before that, he was a Senior Director of Product at Google and VP of Product at Walmart. Other than having an impressive background, Ben is also a funny dad. Follow him on Twitter to see how he manages his work-life balance.

17. Maggie Crowley

Maggie is an experienced Product Manager who has worked at Trip Advisor, BevSpot, and currently as the Director of Product at Drift. She holds an MBA from Harvard and studied her bachelor’s at Northwestern University.

When it comes to her Twitter, Maggie enjoys keeping things as organic as possible and give her her most sincere opinions and advice about working in Product.

18. Anna Marie Clifton

Anna Marie loves all things revolving Product. She’s worked at Coinbase developing the strategy and vision for its revenue-generating products and in Yammer as a senior PM. She currently works as a Product Lead at Asana and hosts a monthly podcast called Clearly Product.

19. Tatyana Mamut

When it comes to customer-obsessed, you should call Tatyana. She’s a Product Manager who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy. She has worked on building successful products at Amazon, Salesforce, Nextdoor, and IDEO. She is currently Head of Product at Nextdoor, the world’s leading social network for neighborhoods.

20. Oji Udezue

Oji is currently a VP of Product at Calendly, where he’s led lead product, design, and customer content strategies for the company. He’s also an Angel Investor and founding partner of the Kernel Fund and worked as a PM at Microsoft for over six years.

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