Next Generation Tech Insights by former Apple Global Brand Manager

When we think about today’s technology, we have advanced in just about everything. From gadgets like smart-phones, laptops, and self-driving cars to machine learning, virtual reality and AI. Learn how to benefit from this.

Much of this new tech has been led by companies like Google and Apple.  Where is technology going next and how did we even get here?

Meet Thomas Cho

Thomas Chothomas-cho-product-school is an award-winning creative brand marketer and strategic storyteller. He has experience in innovative strategy, integrated marketing campaign creation, and premium retail execution. During his tenure at Beats by Dr. Dre, he explosively grew the Beats brand from a $100M category to a $3B industry.  Other experiences include working with the Jack Daniel’s family of brands under Brown-FormanPokemon, and Disney. He is currently working on the marketing team at Yamaha Music to help the organization shift into tech and bring the team up to speed on becoming a world-class marketing team.

Thomas Cho’s Insights on the Future of Tech

Former Beats by Dre Global Brand Manager, Thommy Cho, talked about how disruption and the evolution of marketing are changing consumer’s perceptions of products for younger consumers. He provided insight into how ideas and viewpoints are evolving with products and consumers.

He discussed how to understand the way industries become ripe for disruption and what factors play into them. He also described how product marketing has evolved in the past ten years and where it will go next.

  • “The user experience of the iPod was extremely clean. And it made consumers demand that from future products.”
  • “Your product needs to provide an aspirational lifestyle that people want to live and wear.”

From the History of Products to the Development of New Industries:

What is a product?

  • All transactions used to be done by trading.
  • Now we exchange in currencies after governments got involved.
  • Now instead of actual physical products, they are services that companies sell.

History of products

  • Products used to help lift ideas and spread the ideas to the masses.
  • For example, Model T Ford from 1908.
  • During the stock market crash and the great depression (1929) people didn’t care about the quality but only the price.
  • In the 1940’s they started to pay more attention to design and innovation.
  • A lot of the communication, such as USPS, newspaper, radio, TV, have changed in the last century and there are various of products operating in this field today.

Brands are continuing to evolve.

The industries are ripening.

  • Media platforms are evolving.
  • Customers are evolving.
  • There’s accessibility to retail.
  • There’s a sea of commodities
  • There are homogenous viewpoints; design or lack of industrial design.

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