Becoming a Successful Product Manager by Product School CEO

There are just as many ways to become a successful product manager as there are people talking about it. However, there are a few key skills that hiring managers will agree on; product managers need to have some tech knowledge, good communication skills and know their industry.

These are the things that the Product School CEO talked about at a recent event.


CEO and Founder of Product School

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia is the CEO and Founder of Product School. He has eight years of experience building teams and digital products on three continents. He’s founded three companies. Before Product School, he was the Lead Instructor of Product Management at General Assembly and co-founder and CEO of Floqq (invested by 500 Startups), the most significant marketplace for online video courses in Latin America.

Breaking into Product

Trying to break into Product Management, or looking to stay on top of your Product Management game? Carlos covered how to grow your career once you’re a product manager, what makes a successful Product Manager and how to understand the role and importance of product managers in today’s tech industry.

He went through the chapters in the Product Book to explain better how you can succeed in product management. The Product Book focuses on showing you the framework of how Product Managers work and what are the tactical steps in product management. Carlos also shared tactical tips on how to transition to product management and grow your career.

Becoming a Successful Product Manager by Product School CEO

Bullet points:

  • Getting a Product Manager job is not just about hacking the interview, it’s about knowing how to do the job right.
  • A Product Manager works at the intersection of business, design, and engineering. You don’t need to master all the categories, but you need to be good enough at all of them.
  • When your product gets big, you need a Product Manager.
  • The usual paths to product management are from software engineering, entrepreneurship and finance/OPS.
  • Some alternative ways (not so unusual) into product are customer support and marketing.
  • The desire to fix problems is crucial for Product Managers.
  • Being a Product Manager doesn’t always require the title “Product Manager.” There are many different titles such as an Associate Product Manager, Product Engineers, and Group Product Manager.
  • The perfect Product Manager skills include technical background, industry expertise and communication skills.
  • To become a Product Manager you don’t need an MBA or CS degree. You just need to know your product entirely and be an excellent communicator.
  • Treat your job search as a job itself! Check here Carlos’ Mock Interview Workshop.

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