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Thanks to our partners, friends, and our entire community, last year was huge for all of us at Product School with the opening of two new campuses and hosting dozens of product management events

2016 was a great year for the Product Management blog as well; our viewership increased by 56% as we shared the newest and latest content each week. 

In case you missed any of our top articles, we wanted to give you a rundown of the best of so you can have them all in one place. These are great to reference, especially if you are starting to work your way into product or already have some interviews lined up. Here are our top ten articles of the past year.


How to prepare for a product management interview at Google 2

How to prepare for a Product Management Interview at Google

This is our most popular article since we began talking about product management. We’ve sat down with product managers who have been through the interview process at Google and broke it down from the skills you need to the questions you can expect. If you’re aiming to land that dream job at this technical giant, there are also plenty of resources inside.


The 2016 List of online & offline Resources to Become a Product Manager

In 90% of the “Ask me Anything” sessions we have hosted this year, online and offline, the number one question we get is “Where can I find more information or resources to learn about product management?” This question is asked by almost everyone from the completely unfamiliar to the PM veteran. We always answer with our favorites and pass along this list, packed with everything from podcasts, blogs, books, and TED Talks. If you’re recently starting to learn, this is a great place to start.


3 myths about becoming a product manager


3 Myths about Becoming a Product Manager

Product management is the new “sexy” job in tech, and more and more engineers, designers, marketers and those new to the industry are becoming more and more interested in transitioning into the position. With all the hype, here we break down a few assumptions about the job Mythbusters style.


4 Tips to Write a Product Manager Resume

Before you secure the interview, you need to have a solid resume, which is why, at the end of our product management course, we spend at least one class focusing on resume reviews. Here are four solid hacks that will move your resume to the top of the stack. Don’t forget to stay away from clichés, and be clear and concise.


The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions


The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions

Practice through this list with a fellow product manager, your mentor or even your mom, and you’ll be prepared for any topic in the product manager interview. If you need a few tips or guidelines on coming up with great answers check out how to answer the metrics question, tackle the product question, or how to ace quantitative questions.


10 Weekly Habits of Product Managers that make a Big Difference

Even with all this talk about building your technical background, learning what a product manager does and how to get the job, this is what can make or break you once you’re in. It’s important to remember the things you can do on a weekly basis to make your life and lives of your team members easier, (and more rewarding).


4 Types of Tools Product Managers Use Every Day 3


4 Types of Tools Product Managers Use Every Day

In product management we talk about tools all the time, our students and teachers use them in practice, and it’s one of the most popular topics in our Slack Community. The tools we use even have product managers themselves, and we love them for what they do. If you’re considering moving into product management, make sure you’re familiar with most of these, how they work and why and when you would need them.


GET HIRED! 5 Tips for landing your first Product Manager job

You want to launch your career in product management but are looking for that edge that will set you apart from the rest in the hiring process. Take a look at this list, complete with a resume hack that brings out the product manager qualities in anything you’ve ever done. You’ll also find one of the most talked about, and most read books by anyone who’s ever decided to make the transition.


Product Lingo: 20 Words & Phrases You Need to Know


Product Lingo: 20 Words & Phrases You Need to Know

This one was written back in July as a quick reference piece. Whether you are just starting to talk about product management, have been out of the industry for a bit, or are an engineer looking to transition and want to brush up on the lingo, this is a comprehensive list of the most widely used words and phrases in product. While you’re reading, keep an eye out for the links with even more tips on working in product from the tools used, being Scrum Master and how to manage customer development interviews.

Thanks everyone for an awesome year! Looking forward to an even better 2017.


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