Interview with Chris Lee, former Dropbox PM

“I think one of the most important skills is to be able to hit the ground running.”

In this interview, Chris Lee, former Product Manager at Dropbox, reveals why he decided to become a PM, how he broke into Product Management and how he measured success once he got the job.


Chris began his career at Project Manager at Apple, which led him to start his own business, and then he eventually moved into the role of Product Management at Dropbox, where he stayed for two years.

He talks about the most powerful experience an individual can include on a resume, the day-to-day of a PM, and the most important qualities to have when interacting with multiple teams, from design to engineering. He talks about the importance of “being adaptable and being able to figure out, ‘where can I have the most impact right now for this product and for this team?’”

A wealth of PM tools

Chris discusses moving forward once you have your product, and how it becomes more about telling the story, and he offers some insight on what that means for a Product Manager. He shares with us the various angles a PM can use to tell the story of a new feature and mentions the most compelling story, which he talks about, is the “why.”

He also shares the tools he used across teams to be the most effective in communication, (HipChat, GChat), to track feature specs, (Google Docs), and in designing and prototyping to build static mockups, (Sketech),  and dynamic mockups, (Framer.js).

Listen to the full interview here:

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