The 2017 List of Online & Offline Resources to Become a Product Manager

Massive list of resources for aspiring product managers
Mind = Blown

It is hard to become a product manager. Product management is a multifaceted role, it is in no ways a specialization career. We wanted to create a comprehensive list of resources where aspiring product managers could go and find the solution that fits their needs. So here it is, a massive list of online and offline resources to become product manager

Note: If you think you should be in this list but aren’t, just fill this form. We’ll look into what you do and include you if there is sufficient documentation to how you can help professionals become product managers.

Slack Communities

  • PS Community – Biggest Slack community for Product Managers


Blogs – learn about product management from the experts


TED Talks – get inspired by these iconic talks


Books – gain in depth knowledge about product, design, and marketing


Meetups – network with product people in the area

San Francisco:


Silicon Valley


New York


Courses and training

Product Management:

  • Product School (Several locations) – 8 week part-time Product Management training course
  • General Assembly (Several locations) – 10 week full-time Product Management immersive



  • Hack reactor (San Francisco) – 10 week full-time coding bootcamp
  • Code Path (San Francisco) – 8 week part time Android and iOS classes
  • One Month (Online) – classes to learn to code websites, build apps, and grow your business
  • Codecademy (Online) – learn to code interactively for free
  • Udemy (Online) – an assortment of coding, marketing, product, and design courses



  • Pragmatic marketing (Several locations) – Series of full-day Product Marketing courses
  • General Assembly (Several locations) 10 week part-time training course on Digital Marketing
  • ClickMinded (Online) – SEO training course on how to drive more organic traffic to your site

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