Product Manager Interview: Mark Dunkley, former Product Manager at Shopify

In this interview, Mark Dunkley shares his experience as the first product manager at Shopify and what he does today as a Design Lead at Shopify. He goes beyond the product manager job description and goes into detail about what his day to day was like.

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On being technical…

Mark answers the question about how technical you need to be to be a product manager and how being too technical can actually hinder progress.

On transferring skills…

Because Mark started his own company and also worked for himself as a freelancer, he was able to give us some insight as to how transferable are the skills between product management and being an entrepreneur. He emphasizes that the skills and interests are highly transferable because product managers, designers and entrepreneurs are all alike in that they all care a little bit extra in the user experience.

Skills that Mark learned on the job as a product manager that he finds highly useful when starting your own products include time management and establishing a roadmap.

On the difficult side of product management…

Mark also taps into the difficult parts of product management including dealing with ambiguity and working on projects that span months.

Listen to the full interview here:

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