5 Steps to Tackle the Product Question (With a Sample)

So you’ve made it to the interview for the Product Manager position you want. Now is the time to bring your A-game and blow them away. According to Jackie Bavaro, co-author of Cracking the PM Interview, one of the critical product questions you’ll face is related to your capacity to make product decisions. We’ve prepared a sample Product Manager interview question and solution using Bavaro’s 5 steps to approach these questions.


The product question – How would you design a better public transportation system?

How to design a better public transportation system

With this question, the interviewer is trying to find out your capacity to discover and rank a product’s possible features. Even though there is not a right answer to these questions, there is a correct way to analyze it and present an answer.

  1. Start your reasoning by thinking about the customer (and not about yourself). Be as specific as possible: Is it a particular city’s transportation system? Is there a predominant demographic profile for the users? The interviewer will sometimes withhold some of this information intentionally. He is expecting you to ask the right product questions and demonstrate a customer-focus orientation.
  2. Walk a mile in the customer’s shoes. Think about their use cases: What do they use public transportation for, primarily? Why do they use it instead of other means of transportation?
  3. Analyze the product itself: What is the main problem that users are experiencing with the current public transportation system? Is it delays, over-capacity, comfort, reach or price? What is the cause of these problems?
  4. Time to get creative! Design features to solve the problems that you’ve identified. Come up with a new solution altogether: Install a kinetic energy storage system to reduce operation costs and prices for the users. Get rid of 30% of the seats to increase the capacity of each cart.
  5. Finish off by exhibiting your business orientation. Think about user growth: Estimate how many people will start using public transportation due to the new feature. How much will the average usage per day / week / month increase thanks to the improvement?


This framework will work for most product questions, now it’s up to you to practice by applying this 5 steps to the products you use every day. The more you get comfortable doing this type of analysis, the better you’ll perform during the interview.

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