What Does A Product Manager Do?

What does a product manager DO? The word is out. Tech companies are seeking Product Managers to lead their products to greatness. Given its popularity, it is no surprise that many people are asking themselves the same question.

What IS a product manager? What do dey DO?

what does product manager do

What does a product manager do?

Strategic Work: PMs lead the strategic side of a product from the development to deployment. They collaborate with leaders in business from sales to marketing to operations to development. This is the key thing people answer when they are asked the question:

Tactical / Execution Work: PMs facilitate the product life cycle from inception to release and they analyze the results to measure success.

Meetings: PMs delegate work, give quick overviews on how on track the team is, present the final product, share key insights, and more through meetings. This just goes to show how important communication is as a Product Manager.

Management: A PM keeps the entire team on track. They must make sure that the engineers, designers, and the sales & marketers are all working in unison with each other.

Communicating with Seniors: PMs regularly give status updates to their superiors. A good PM is able to take a roadblock and turn it into a insight or an opportunity.

Talking to Customers: A good PM knows the market and its customers and will always have the users in mind. A good PM will always look for feedback from users to know how hot or not the new product or feature is.

Working w/ Consultants & Vendors: When working with a new vendor or a consultant, PMs must be in the loop on what the vendors what to change or what new system they are implementing.

So, in conclusion, what does a product manager do?

The answer: many things!

Check out our infographic below which answers the question: what does a product manager do?


What does a product manager do

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