Why is There a High Demand for Product Managers?

It’s a trend: Product Manager is the new sexy job to have in Silicon Valley. But why do tech companies demand product managers? First, we described the value that this position brings company. Now, we’d like to explain the reason why this particular set of skills is so relevant at the moment.

3 Reasons that Justify High Demand for Product Managers

Business Expertise Some companies are stuck in the product or technology itself. However, they find it hard to generate user or revenue growth. This is because the problem they’re solving is just not that important. The Yo app comes to mind as a great example of this. Product Managers can help them find the real value in their offer. Sometimes, they might even pivot the current product into another one.

Other companies struck gold and found a relevant problem affecting a large group. Despite this, they are struggling to make money out of it. For instance, Pinterest belongs to this group. PMs’ ability to monetize or get more revenue from the product explains high demand for Product Managers.

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Technical Knowledge The tech industry is booming. And with it, the need for technical expertise in every job position. Currently, the trend is for companies to hire Product Managers who are Software Engineer converts. They hold a strategic position that demands comprehensive understanding. Starting from design and development; to commercialization and engagement.


User Experience Orientation An excellent user experience often equals the simplest one. Paradoxically, achieving simplicity requires significant work: talking to customers, A/B testing, agile development, design thinking, etc. Professionals who excel at U/X are scarce. Understandably, companies try hard to find them. In fact, they attempt even harder to retain them. Simply think of Jony Ive and the impact he’s had on Apple’s success.

Want to answer this demand for product managers?

Given the strategic position that the PM holds, companies place a special interest in the selection of the right talent to take on these responsibilities. Whether you’re considering the transition to Product Management or already doing so, you should now there is currently high product manager demand across markets. Initially, you can start by reading 3 Skills to From Coder to Product Manager or 3 Common Mistakes for Engineers Transitioning to Product Management.

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