10 Commandments in Product Management by LinkedIn PM

To break into Product Management you need a certain set of skills, experience in the industry and some technical knowledge. Once you get a job you still need to figure out the secrets of doing the job right. What are the 10 commandments of Product Management you haven’t heard of yet? 

Here are the 10 Commandments in Product Management, from LinkedIn’s Senior Product Manager. 

Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn

Christian Byza is an entrepreneurial and passionate Senior Product Manager with over seven years of experience in growth, technology & online marketing. He is currently working on the international LinkedIn product. In this role, he is leading an agile engineering team of 15+ developers and UX designers building tailored solutions to conquer those international markets. 

Vertical vs. Horizontal Product Management

Before that, he ran product for the Social Ads part of Adobe Media Optimizer – an enterprise-class SAAS marketing software that was used by hundreds of customers spending multi-million dollars around the globe. Besides working for LinkedIn Christian co-founded the Online Marketing Rockstars Conference & Expo in Hamburg, Germany. He also speaks at different conferences and mentors startups at the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator about product management & online marketing.

Christian discussed the difference between vertical and horizontal product management and product ownership. He also talked about how his roles changed from owning a vertical slice of a solution to horizontal ownership of an entire market. He shared his insights on what it takes to build great products in a large organization as well as his ten commandments in product management. 

10 Commandments in Product Management by LinkedIn PM

10 Commandments in Product Management:

  • Vertical product management means that you’re an expert in one particular field. 90% of all the Product Manager roles are more like this. The bigger the company, the more vertical the role.
  • In horizontal product management, a product manager is responsible for the entire horizontal product. In a horizontal product manager role, you get to work with many more teams and opportunities.
  • Vertical Product Management in a nutshell:
    • Deep knowledge expert.
    • Focused on one problem.
    • Work with your team.
    • Complex problems.
    • The face of the product.
    • Product owner.
  • Horizontal Product Management in a nutshell:
    • Entire stack.
    • Fix problem in entire stack.
    • Work with many teams.
    • Growth hacking.
    • The face of the market.
    • Market owner.
  • The 10 Commandments of Product Management:
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