Applying Customer Feedback in Product Management by UserVoice CEO

Customer feedback in product management is what ultimately guides the direction of your product. The key, however, is knowing where to get it and how to apply it to build a better product for people.

“We never have all the data. But, we can employ strategies to reduce both the chances and cost of being wrong.” UserVoice CO-Founder and CEO explains. 



Co-Founder and CEO of UserVoice

Richard White is Co-founder and CEO of UserVoice. During his time at the helm, starting in 2008, UserVoice has expanded from a small, virtual operation to a company with bi-coastal teams in San Francisco, CA and Raleigh, NC.

Richard’s foundational expertise lies in UI design & UX, and he has made notable contributions to the startup community through his involvement as an early member of both Founder’s Network and Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). He speaks at conferences around the world on various topics, including entrepreneurship, UX design, and the critical importance of putting customers at the center of building products.


How to Use Customer Feedback in Product Management

Increased competition and higher customer expectations are forcing modern product management teams to up their game to keep pace. In this talk, Richard talked about how product leaders are leveraging customer feedback, collected across the organization, to inform how they build the best product possible in the shortest amount of time.



Bullet points:

  • “We never have all the data. But we can employ strategies to reduce both the chances and cost of being wrong.” This leads to product managers having to make gut calls and decisions.
  • With customer feedback product managers can derisk product decisions, not get rid of the risk completely.
  • The most popular ways of derisking
    • #1 Agile development.
    • #2 Prioritization framework as it adds structure to the decision-making process and helps product managers define their goals.
    • #3 Validating with customer feedback.
  • When collecting customer feedback, it’s essential to collect significant feedback and a severe amount of it.
  • Feedback is divided into two different channels. Both are equally important.
    • Feedback from customers teams. However, it makes more sense as feedback through customer teams.
    • Feedback from users directly. The biggest problem with this is that you don’t get a lot of it.
  • 3 Ways to get feedback from users:
    • Promote that you need their feedback.
    • Make it easy for them to give feedback. Single-ended questions are the best.
    • Explain what the user gets in return.

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