How to Work Together in Product Development

As a product manager, it’s important to be able to work with multiple teams. So we often talk about how to collaborate with one or the other, but these teams will always need to work together simultaneously. It’s important to find a balance in which design and innovation evolve rather than disrupt product development. There are ways to make this dynamic fusion clear, efficient, and functional.

working with the product team

Create the best environment for everyone:

Streamline product development

In order to reduce the complexity of the roadmap, this requires an adequate balance between design and engineering from discovery to shipping. Periodic sprints focused on supporting this balance can lead to shipping a product that delivers a great product and customer delight. Allow your teams to decide how they can work together best, but be there to provide support when they need it.

Let the project unite the company

Give everyone on your team a fair voice and drive progress collectively by focusing on creating value for customers and users. By keeping the same goal in mind, and getting your stakeholders involved, they will feel a sense of ownership of the product and put their best work into it.

Ensure product development is lean and agile

Develop a process that flows, with space for learning and constant improvement. It’s all in the details and ensuring that communication is at 100% and technologies and tools are in place for streamlined growth. By outlining the sprints and working to accommodate flexibility in priorities, the team is more likely to function better.

Be open with information and data

Keep your team updated with any process changes throughout the product development cycle. Be prepared to explain the “why” clearly when it comes to prioritizing features and have the relevant data to backup your decisions.


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