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Think of our certification like a stamp of approval—a way employers can quickly understand what practical skills you bring to the table. You’ll take the exam once you’ve completed your course, and once you pass, you’ll receive your certification.

Through our partnership with Product School we interviewed and hired tremendously talented Product Managers who were ready to dive in and build world class products for our clients.

Eli Stein

Senior Product Manager
Postlight Dark

About the Product School Exam

Why an Exam?

We’ve been listening to our students (and their future employers), and know that a standardization is needed to measure Product Management skills. No one’s done it yet—so we’ve created the industry standard cert that shows you've got what it takes to build amazing products.


When Do I Take the Exam?

First, you’ll complete the training to learn and practice what you need to know. Then we’ll send you the details to take the exam at a time that is convenient for you. We recommend taking it within 6 months of your course to make sure you’ve retained the knowledge. That said, you have two years—take your time to study, and sign up when you feel ready.


What’s On the Exam?

The exam covers the same skills that you’ve learned in your course (whether that’s PMC, SPMC, or PLC), so no extra prep or coursework is needed—there won’t be any surprises. The test is given online and is overseen by a third party; you’ll have 90 minutes to answer 50 questions. And once you pass, you’ll receive your certification!


Frequently Asked Questions

Any Product School student who has completed their course is eligible to take the final exam and earn their certification.

While you may elect to complete one of our courses without taking the exam, you must complete the exam within two years of graduating in order to be awarded your certification.

The exam is a multiple choice questionnaire that you will take live online in a “proctored” format. This means software will monitor your computer to make sure you are not referring to external sources. The exam takes 90 minutes.

Proctored exams are timed tests that you take while proctoring software, or an individual, monitors your computer's desktop, webcam video, and audio. This ensures the identity of the test taker, prevents cheating, and protects the integrity and value of the certification.

First, you’ll complete your course. After that, you should spend a little time reviewing the material to make sure you feel ready for the test. Once you do that, you’re able to take the test! We suggest taking the exam within 6 months of your course to retain your course information—and you must take the exam within 2 years of starting your course.

The PMC exam is available immediately after your cohort ends (if you’ve recently signed. The SPMC exam will be available for cohorts ending in June. The PLC exam is still in development and will be available Summer 2022.

The cost of the exam is included in the tuition fee that you pay for your course. However, in the event that you fail on the first attempt and wish to retake the exam, you’ll need to pay a separate fee of $149 to retake the test.

Our instructors will work hard to make sure you are fully prepared to take the exam with confidence. However, in the event that you fail (it happens!), you will be able to retake the exam for an additional fee of $149.

Certifications expire and require renewal every 2 years. Renewal requires continuing education in Product Management and a renewal fee of $149.