Product Manager Certification™

Product Manager Certification™

Kick-start your product career with our entry-level product management certification.

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This PMC course led us through all the useful tools for different product phases, building a logical thinking method, and product mindset in a systematic way.

Yuchi Hsieh

Program Manager
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Start Your Product Management Career with Extra Support

With foundational learning, flexible scheduling, and hands-on experience with industry tools, the Product Manager Certification is designed specifically for students who have never held a job as a Product Manager.

To make sure you have everything you need to land your first product management role, our PMC also offers additional support for students, from mentorship with Product School experts to interview practice to resume prep with your instructor.


How it Works

Enroll in PMC

Enroll in Your Course

Once you decide to enroll—smart move, by the way—here’s what happens: You choose the course that works for you, full-time intensive or part-time, with blended learning options. Then, you enroll on our site. Next, you’ll complete the enrollment form and get the info you need to get started. At any point, if you need help, our admissions team is here to help guide you.


Get Access to Course Resources

Once you’re in, you’ll get access to a ton of resources for your course, including topic introductions, on-demand videos from instructors, free PM tools, templates, and a student forum where you can discuss course topics with classmates. If you take the blended learning approach, you’ll do pre-reading before each class to make your instructor’s lecture a more interactive, Q&A–style experience.


Participate in Instructor-Led Sessions

Each class features live, online lectures on that session’s topic, with takeaways, Q&A, and group activities to give you hands-on experience. You’ll also get extra support with career coaching from industry experts, where you can practice for your next job interview and sharpen your resume.

FInal Project

Complete Your Final Project

For your last session, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned for your final project, a product presentation demonstrating your new skills. And this isn’t just a class project: It’s a compelling portfolio piece to share with future employers.

Course Curriculum

Start your journey to a career in product management by learning how to build digital products from end to end, lead cross-functional teams, bulletproof your resume, and prepare for interviews.

The first step in building amazing products is to gain a deeper insight into the role of Product Manager. Learn how digital products are built, what is expected of you as a PM, and how to excel in this rewarding (and well-compensated!) career.

All great PMs know how to get into the heads of their customers. You will, too: Learn how to create personas, use cases, and customer journeys that deliver insight. Navigate Product–Market Fit and leverage research with Sprig and AB Tasty to find the best solutions.

Now that you have an idea of what the product should do, this is where you’ll learn to get everyone on the same page. Master the tools and  communication strategy you need to succeed, including how to establish clear objectives, and map out how to achieve them.

Learn to create an inspiring user experience (UX) with Figma, and collaborate effectively with UX designers and Software Engineers. Gain insight into how software is developed—and all the lingo that goes along with it. Then, learn to execute like a pro and drive development with the product roadmap.

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