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Whether you’re starting out or looking to move up, a product management certification from Product School gives you the tools, coaching, and training you need.

Hands-on training from Silicon Valley’s best

Cori Shearer

Lead Product Manager

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Debankur Naskar

Group PM

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Debankur Naskar

Mathieu Verbeeck

Lead Product Manager


Jyoti Bhatia

Top Instructor & Product Leader

Jyoti Bhatia

Why Product School Certifications?

PMC Recognized-Instructors

Top Silicon Valley instructors

You’ll learn directly from proven Product Leaders from top Silicon Valley tech companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon leveraging their real world experiences, frameworks, and approaches to help you excel. 

PMC One-to-one

More instructor time tailored to you

Our live online classes have an average of just 20 students (vs. 400+ in other PM programs). This ensures that you receive more interactive and personalized attention from our instructors (30 hours), and tailored feedback that is relevant to your specific needs as you master the art of product.

PMC Industry-wide credibility

Industry-wide recognition from hiring managers

We’ve helped thousands of aspiring PM land jobs at companies like Google and Microsoft. That’s why hiring managers from all industries recognize and value applicants with Product School certifications.

Let's talk about your goals

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