The Ultimate
Interview Checklist

for Product Managers

1. Learn the basics

Before you can walk the Product walk, you have to talk the Product talk. Just like any profession, the rhetoric is nuanced, but you can master it.

2. Bulletproof your resume

Having your CV stand out amongst thousands of others is no easy task. However, we have the techniques and insights to make your resume rise to the top.

3. Find the right job (Send that CV!)

You’ve graduated from Product noob to Product Pro, and can now hang with the top dogs in the industry! Time to find your ultimate Product Job.

4. It’s almost showtime!

Time to prep for your interview!

5. Practice makes Product perfect

There are people out there looking to sharpen their skills with you. Engage in real-time mock interviews with the following platforms:

  • If you want to practice with real PMs working at top tech companies then Candor is the platform you need.
  • You can also partake in mock interviews with a specialist or other aspiring PMs on Pramp or Polariis.
  • Go a step further and head to our #interview channel on Slack and connect with other PMs to request advice.

6. During & After: Key points for your interview

Beyond knowing how to respond to questions during the interview, you’ll also should:

Knowing what to do after the interview is a tricky situation. Being adept at the following tasks will help in this situation:

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