Product Talks

20 Video Lessons from Top-Notch Product Managers

10 Videos for Aspiring Product People

The first 10 talks are aimed at aspiring Product People: You’ll learn how understand the role, and position yourself for a top job.

10 Videos for Veteran Product People

The second 10 talks are aimed at those who are currently working as PMs: you’ll learn how to enhance your effectiveness have a greater impact.

Designed to be consumed over 20 days

Each talk is about an hour long. The speakers are well known experts, and PMs currently working at top tier tech companies like Google, Spotify and Amazon.

Product Talks: 20 Video Lessons from Top-Notch Product Managers

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Think Like a Product Manager by VP of Product at MasterClass
  2. 2. What Are the Basics of a Product Role by Google PM
  3. 3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Product Managers by XO Group PM
  4. 4. Interviewing at Top Tech Companies by former Google PM
  5. 5. What I Look for When I Hire PMs by Airbnb Product Lead
  1. 6. How to Optimize Your Product using Analytics by Dan Olsen
  2. 7. Why Analytics is Key for PMs by Airbnb Data Scientist
  3. 8. Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers by eBay PM
  4. 9. How to Build World Class User Onboarding by Zalando PM
  5. 10. How to Find Solutions to Problems by Shutterfly Senior PM

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