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“I’ve accepted a role as a Senior Product Manager at PayPal. Very proud and grateful to be a PS alum.”

Jonathan Fudem
Senior Product Manager | PMC Certificate
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Become a Great Product Manager

Our self-paced Product Manager Certificate course will give you the skills you need to get your next Product Manager job or promotion. You can hustle and graduate in just one week, or take your time and complete the course in 10 weeks—it’s up to you! In a fun and practical online learning environment, you will discover how to:
Build Products End-to-End

Build Products End-to-End

Understand and execute the entire launch process, from discovery to optimization.
Lead Cross-Functional Teams

Lead Cross-Functional Teams

Gain the leadership and communications skills you need to manage designers, programmers and more.
Create a Product Portfolio

Create a Product Portfolio

Ship a hands-on project and build a portfolio
designed to impress future employers.

Learn From the World’s Top Product Leaders

You’re about to learn directly from the Product Leaders who build products used by millions.

Four Steps to Product Management Success

From the moment you enroll, you become part of the Product School family. Throughout your course and after you graduate, we are committed to supporting your career growth at every step.

1. Enroll

Sign up online in just a couple of minutes. Our team will send you your onboarding documents, and you’ll unlock access to over 55.5 hours of video lessons plus your new pro PM tools.

2. Learn

Start learning at your own pace with our mobile-friendly teaching platform. In-built quizzes will help you check your knowledge at every step, as you advance towards your certificate in as little as 7 days or as long as 10 weeks—you set the schedule!

3. Graduate

Complete the course and deliver your final project, and you’ll earn the Product Manager Certificate (PMC),™ the most industry-recognized certificate by employers hiring Product Managers.

4. Network

Unlock exclusive access to our private networking community where top Product Managers will be available to answer your questions.

“This course covers everything you need to know about Product Management to jumpstart your PM career.”

Medha Ghatikesh
Product Manager | PMC Certificate
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Learn and Master the Entire Product Development Process

Designed by Product Managers currently working at the world’s top tech companies, the Product Manager Certificate (PMC)™ curriculum is based around the six stages of the Product Develop Life Cycle:
  • 1. Identifying Your Objectives 4 Modules

    • Joining the Team
    • Setting Product Objectives
    • Identifying Opportunities
    • Understanding Customers & Problems

  • 2. Setting Your Goal 2 Modules

    • Creating an Opportunity Hypothesis
    • Validating an Opportunity Hypothesis

  • 3. Planning Your Product 2 Modules

    • Defining Product Requirements
    • Defining Your Product

  • 4. Building Your Product 3 Modules

    • Designing Your Product
    • Developing Your Product – Part 1
    • Developing Your Product – Part 2

  • 5. Launching Your Product 2 Modules

    • Marketing Your Product
    • Marketing Your Product – Part 2

  • 6. Assessing & Learning 1 Module

    • Iterating & Reflecting

  • 7. Final Project 2 Modules

    • Getting Hired
    • Knowledge Checks & Final Project Submission

Your Investment

Take control of your career growth and earn the most industry-recognized Product Manager Certificate
  • 55.5 hours of video lectures
  • Free access to pro PM tools
  • Private networking with top PMs
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get the Product Manager Certificate (PMC)™

$3,299 USD $2,999 USD*

*Upfront payment tuition

“Product School was a great investment in my future as a PM.
I joined Product School to learn how product management is done correctly and to learn best practices. I got everything I signed up for and more.”

Thomas Rand-Nash
Product Manager | PMC Certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the Schedule and Duration of the Course?

    The self-paced Product Manager Certificate course puts you in control of your learning. You can hustle and complete the course in as little as one week, or take your time and enjoy the full 10 week window we provide for students. The course material itself will take you 55.5 hours to complete, plus the self-paced quizzes and final project. How you choose to allocate your time is up to you!
  • What is the Difference Between the Self-Paced and Instructor-Led Courses?

    Our self-paced course is designed for students who want to accelerate their career growth on your own terms. It gives you access to the wisdom of Silicon Valley’s top Product Managers, and the freedom to set your own pace and schedule. Instructor-Led courses come with more personal contact and mentorship, but require you to adhere to a more strict schedule.
  • Do I Get the Same Certificate as Instructor-Led Graduates?

    Yes. No matter whether you are studying at your own pace or in an instructor-led cohort, you will receive the same industry-leading Product Manager Certificate (PMC).™
  • What Kind of Career Guidance/Support Do I Get?

    As a student on the self-paced Product Manager Certificate course, you will enjoy exclusive access to a private networking group where you will be able to get career guidance from top Product Managers. You will enjoy ongoing access to this group even after you graduate, as well as other career focused resources such as the Product School Jobs Portal.
  • What’s the Application Process and How Do I Get Started?

    We are currently accepting students from around the world on the self-paced course. To get started today, simply enroll here >>
  • What Financing Options Are Available?

    To make it easier for you to get your Product Manager Certificate (PM), we offer our students the option to pay in three installments. Please follow this link to proceed to the checkout page and select your preferred option.