November 18, 2021

ProductCon Rewind ⏪

Catch up on all of the talks from ProductCon, November 18, 2021. Watch the presentations, download the slides, and relive your favorite moments all in one place 🎥

Here’s What Happened at ProductCon, November 18, 2021:

  • 25,000
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  • 5,000 +
    Connections Made

Catch Up on Cutting Edge Wisdom by Today’s Top Product Leaders

Got a notepad handy? You’re gonna need one! Catch up on the recordings from ProductCon to learn directly from the leaders building the next generation of software products. Enjoy 🍿

The Importance of AI/ML in Product Management

Hans Ku, Fmr CPO at TikTok

How to Build a Robust Product Roadmap

Amit Khanna, VP of Product at Salesforce

Building a New Tech Stack vs. Sticking to What You Know


Tara King-Hughes, Sr Director of Product at Strava


Benjamin Keyser, VP of Product at Contentful
Bella Renney, Head of Product at

Aligning Product & Customer Success Teams to Fuel Growth

Denise Stokowski, Group VP of Platform & Products at Gainsight
Mickey Alon, CTO & Founder at Gainsight
Christine Friscic, Director of Product Marketing at Gainsight

My Road to Social Impact in Tech

Dan Chu, CPO at Waymo

Fireside Chat: Product Manifesto

Shiva Rajaraman, VP of Product at Facebook

Working Backward From Your Vision

Stephanie Neill, VP of Product at Amazon

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Catch Up on Cutting Edge Wisdom by Today’s Top Product Leaders

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