Ship It

Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All

Know Your Users

Specific direction on conducting user research and applying metrics that actually matter.

Learn How to Measure

You’re not psychic. You need to gather data and measure. We tell you which one is the only metric that matters.

Secrets from top PM leaders

Practical advice and thought leadership from PMs at companies like Facebook, Reddit, and Dropbox.

Ship It: Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All

Table of Contents (2nd Edition)

  1. 1. Delighting Customers in Margin-Enhancing Ways By Gibson Biddle - Former VP of Product at Netflix
  2. 2. Google’s Approach: How to Grow to 100 Million Users By Joris Van Mens, Product Manager at Google
  3. 3. Prioritization for Impossible Product Decisions By Mariano Capezzani - Head of Group Product Management at HSBC
  4. 4. A Product-Centric Overview of Machine Learning By Rubén Lozano, Product Manager at Google Maps
  1. 5. The Product and Design Partnership By Abigail Hart Gray, Director of UX at Google
  2. 6. Why Customers Come Back: The Secrets of Product-Driven Growth Marketing By Satya Singh, Expedia Principal Product Manager
  3. 7. AI for Fun and Profit By Jason Nichols, Director of AI at Walmart

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