David K.

David K.

I rate Product School 5 stars on content, instructors, networking, and resources. Those are the criteria I cared about when selecting Product School and my class turned out great, an excellent value for the price. I evaluated other options such as an Executive MBA at UCB or a class at General Assembly, and ultimately chose Product School because of its laser-focus on Product Management.

I also value concise reviews so…

Content: Broad enough to touch on all aspects of Product Management. You’ll want to use the additional resources and/or projects to dive in to areas of particular importance in your career.

Instructors: Our instructor is a full-time, experienced Senior Product Manager and did a fine job of drawing from personal experience with case studies. There were half-a dozen terrific folks involved in the course, including guest instructors and presenters at Open Houses.

Networking: This was an area of particular importance for me. Seek and ye shall find.

Resources: The “extras” included, from conference tickets to software and professional content, are all relevant and appropriately curated.

If you have any questions about the impact of this course on your career, speak with the staff – they answered my questions very directly.

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