Jen C.

Jen C.

This review is based on my experience going through this program early last year. I was in the 2nd “cohort” or the 2nd session Product School had. Since the program was fairly new at the time, I was a bit wary going into it, but it turned out great!

These were my observations (in no particular order), but do keep in mind that they were from an earlier “iteration” of this program, so things may be different by now:

* The first 1-2 classes were pretty fast paced. The reason for that was that there’s just a lot of information to cover in the limited time that we had. I think any newbies who were not previously familiar with some concepts of PM, MVP, UX, or marketing may have felt quite overwhelmed. Just be prepare to take the info all in, but to digest and absorb it on your own time. You can always ask the instructors to explain more if you don’t understand something either during class or during the breaks. Since the class is small enough, you won’t have any trouble getting the time from the instructor.

* Each instructor made up their own content and slides, so some had good visuals, some could be improved. Perhaps at least a more consistent/uniform look and feel of the slides among the different instructors would help the curriculum feel more professional and polished.

* Relevant content. Because the instructors were actual working product managers, their content was relevant and based on real experiences. They provided guidance in terms of what worked for them, what didn’t and why.

* Smaller classes. Sometimes only a few showed for the weekday course, which isn’t as great because there would be less interaction and learning among the students. However, if you were just interested in the time you get with the instructor, then you definitely will get that.

* Flexible weekday/weekend course. Those who were enrolled in the weekday course, but couldn’t make it could can catch up by attending the weekend course. This was a great perk of the program, especially for those whose work schedule is a bit more demanding. Fortunately, the weekend course remained small even though the weekday students were allowed to attend. There were usually ~10 students during the weekend, which I thought was just right – just enough to get good interaction among the students, but small enough to still get attention from the instructor. Also, the small number of students makes for a great and manageable support group post program.

* Quality instructors. All of the instructors were not only knowledgeable, but passionate as well. Passion is key. They really want to help you be successful. They take the time to explain things and to be personally available. Any criticism from them is meant for you to improve, so don’t take things personally.

* Food is provided. Another great perk and more importantly time saver.

* Access to various PM/UX related tools and networking opportunities.

* Unlimited opportunities during your session and after to attend interesting speaker sessions, which serves as additional networking opportunities for you.

Hope this helps give more insight. Don’t forget – learning is a journey. Your enrollment in this program or any other is part of that journey. Learn, connect and enjoy!

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