Jonathan Aquarone

Jonathan Aquarone

About a year ago we (my team) decided to create a product that is in the NYC real estate field. Through out the months I had to step up my learning until I realized that I was a product manager for my team. Having done a bit of research to see if I can further uplift my learning curve, I ran into Product school and immediately applied.

The Instructor (the instructors are pretty damn good btw!), course work, the staff and class mates were all amazing. The evening weekly classes made it very convenient for me so that I can balance the day work with the school work and not feel overwhelmed.

It’s safe to say that the product school teachings have significantly helped me to make our product much better and go in the right direction.

Although my case was a bit different from everyone else’s, the course did also prep the students to better chance their hunt for a product management position.

I would sincerely recommend the course to anyone that is passionate in becoming a PM or that love to create products that users will want!


– Jon A

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