Juan Acosta

Juan Acosta

I found out about Product School through one of my mentors. After doing quite a bit of research, analyzing the curriculum, attending a meetup hosted by PS, and reaching out to the CEO, I came to the conclusion that this was he right program for me. I applied and very soon got an interview over the phone. The phone interview was to see if I as a right fit for the program; despite being younger than most of the program applicants, my experience and my future goals aligned very well with the curriculum and program mission. My goal in attending Product School was to apply a methodology to the product I am building as well as be prepared for any future career opportunities or endevours. Product School went beyond my expectations. In my opinion, the price of the program is far below its actual value.

I attended the Saturday cohort taught by Ben Shanken, Product Manager at Lyft. Ben is an amazing instructor with amazing talent and evident passion for product. I now consider Ben one of my great mentors and hope to continue learning from him. Ben related the Product School curriculum to all of his past product experience. This is where Product School excels above their competitors – relating methodology to actual real life product management; theory is nice, but when you introduce people, teams, and unique problems, this is where theory falls apart. I learned more from Ben’s experiences than I have ever learned in all the PM books I have read. Thanks to Ben and the PS team I feel a lot more confident in tackling real company problems in the future.

Throughout the program I was also able to learn from Carlos, the CEO. I also joined in on a few courses of the week cohort. This allowed me to meet different product managers with different backgrounds and unique experiences. The Slack community of product managers is also available to me and one that I will continue to tap into for support, knowledge, and mentorship. I am big on having mentors and PS has expanded my network of mentors tremendously.

The curriculum covered everything from customer interviews, to metrics, to thigs like public speaking and team communication. It re-inforced a lot of the things I have read on my own and taught me some new tools and techniques to apply to my product carreer. Product Management methodology is so new and it is such a niche carreer that it is sometimes vey difficult to find all of the information you need all in one place – PS succeeds at this too. The past few years I have done Product Management for several companies without the title or standarized methodology, PS helped me consolidate my experiences in order to advance my carreer opportunities. I now feel extremely confident of my skills as a PM thanks to Ben and the PS curriculum.

Overall, Product School has been an amazing and very rewarding experience. My classmates are now people I can reach out to for support. I will forever be thankful for the program, curriculum, staff, and mentors; I highly recommend the program for anyone wanting to begin or accelerate their product management journey.

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