Kathy L.

Kathy L.

Product School is a great fit whether you have zero product management experience and want to make a career shift or you’ve recently started your PM journey and need some guidance. You will leave this course knowing how to ship a product that makes your users awesome.

The Curriculum:
You can view the curriculum on the site, so I won’t go into everything it covers. What I enjoyed about the curriculum is it gave me a blue print to follow that I can always refer back to. During the class, you have the opportunity to test the blue print out while building your final project. Along the way, you have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of your classmates and get advice from your instructor. Expect about 3 hours of homework a week.

The Instructor:
The instructor is the key to this course. If you scour enough sites and sign up for enough tools, you can probably put together your own curriculum, but you won’t have a dedicated instructor. Our instructor was Ji Kim. He talked about all the methods and strategies that can be used, but he also taught an attitude and philosophy about how to approach the PM role. The feedback on our assignments was detailed, thoughtful, and actionable. Ji brought a lot of experience to the table and lessons in the form of stories from all his PM positions.

The class ends giving the tools you’ll need as product manager and skills on how to land a PM role with resume reviews and interview advice.

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