Nathan Kwadade

Nathan Kwadade

In mid-2014 I was being considered for a Product Manager role at Facebook and I had made it quite far in the process; having visited the headquarters and met up with a senior PM and being invited to a closed PM mixer by my recruiter, however, I couldn’t believe how far I had come but deep at the back of my mind I had this impostor syndrome. I just didn’t feel confident enough. I felt there were some holes in my Product management skillset: analytics, metrics, scrum, etc.

My search for a solution led me to discover Product School. I enrolled in the inaugural cohort of the Product School in New York City in the fall of 2015.What sets Product School apart from the competition is that it places a premium on high quality tuition and as such is very thorough in its selection of instructors.
All instructors currently work in the industry and are very well versed in the genre and thus bring a fresh industry perspective to augment the course syllabus. Their passion for the subject matter was clearly evidenced as instruction at Product School was top notch and very well paced. Instructors adequately accommodated student’s needs by adjusting their speed and mode of instruction.

Unlike your often run of the mill lectures and information overload instruction, I really enjoyed the hands on project based teaching approach by the instructors. The project based course also had numerous assignments given to further reinforce the material covered in class. For once in my life I actually enjoyed doing homework and looked forward in anticipation to the next class session. Wish College courses was this engaging and relevant.

The Student to faculty ratio was optimal. Class size was kept to a minimum and was very diverse with people from all walks of life: bankers, IT personnel, UX Designers It also had a good female representation too.

Product school is also very flexible as it offers weeknight courses or weekend long courses. Such flexibility in scheduling affords students a lot of options. I had originally signed up to the weekend long session but during the course I had to switch to the evening session. This was achieved in a cinch.

Product School doesn’t only instruct you in just the hard skills but also gently infuses key soft skills such as presentation and public speaking which are essential to becoming a successful PM.
I was also introduced to several tools and Product Management industry specific software such as Intercom, Trello, InVision, etc.

Product school also provides its students with great support and timely response. There is a sense of belonging and community which is facilitated by a dedicated Product School Slack channel where currently enrolled cohorts and alumni maintain communication during and post-graduation.

This course covers everything you need to know about Product Management to jumpstart your PM career. It highlights exactly what it takes to become a great PM, helping you figure out what strengths and experiences you can leverage.

Product School delivers clarity of thought, a strong community, and the confidence to execute on your PM vision.
Armed with the skillsets and the PM toolkit I now feel very confident to take on the challenge of becoming a great Product manager.
Post product school, I have received several unsolicited job requisitions via LinkedIn from recruiters.

What particularly stood out for me was that each recruited specifically stated that I was being considered for these Product management positions because of my affiliation with the Product School. Again for me, this a stamp of approval, a validation of sorts that attests to the quality and klout that Product School commands in the industry.

I strongly recommend Product School enthusiastically without any reservation.

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