Vijith Venkatesh

Vijith Venkatesh

I have known for well over a year now that Product Management is what excites me and interests me the most. However I had not taken any action towards pursuing that goal. So when I started this course, I had a clear goal of actively studying and pursuing Product Management in my career. Now that I have completed the course, I can definitely say that I am in the right direction.

Product school has designed an eight weeks course on product management,where students get to not only learn the theoretical concepts that a product manager should know but also apply them to one of their personal projects.

Things that worked for me:

  1. I had a very good instructor, a senior PM in one of the top tech companies.  He was very approachable to get feedbacks and was brutally honest with his reviews.
  2. My classmates were intelligent and brought some very interesting perspectives to the class discussions.
  3. The course introduced me to solid frameworks that I can bank upon and also tools like balsamic and which I can use for future projects
  4. Product School has built a solid alumni network, and has an active slack community. It’s an engaging community where people share interesting articles, get user surveys done, create study groups, get their project reviews done, get introductions and get help in mock interviews.
  5. Product School has weekly meetups, where industry professionals share their expertise and experience with the community. This is probably one of the highlights of the course that helps in useful professional networking.

What you should be aware of:

1. You aren’t graded for your efforts here and hence if you aren’t self-motivated you will not get anything out of the course.

2. 8 weeks in fact is a very short time, so starting off early with your project is really crucial or else you will always be in the catch up mode.

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