The Product Analytics Economy

Drive Revenue Growth Through Data
The founder of Heap will change the way you think about Product Analytics
You’ll discover why and how companies are embracing Product-Led Growth
You’ll learn how YouTube is preparing to onboard the next billion users

The Product Analytics Economy: Drive Growth Through Data

Table of Contents

  1. 1. How to Make Product Analytics Useless - Matin Movassate - Co-founder and CEO of Heap

    Only Fools Confuse the Action With Tools!
  2. 2. Product Analytics Made Simple - Enzo Avigo - Former PM at Intercom

    How to Get Started With Analytics Without Getting Overwhelmed
  3. 3. Discover a Product Focused Framework For Measuring Success - Rapha Cohen - CPO at Waze (Google)

    While OKRs Are Popular, They Have Their Limitations. Here’s an Alternative.
  4. 4. How YouTube is Preparing to Onboard One Billion More Users - Minal Mehta - Head of Product at Youtube

    Learn the Prioritization Secrets of YouTube’s Head of Product
  5. 5. How to Make the Transition to Product-Led Growth - Rachel Obstler - VP of Product at Heap

    Learn How to Overcome Challenges on the Road to Your PLG Transformation
  1. 6. Product Strategy: Your Competition Is NOT Who You Think It Is - Krishna Panicker - VP of Product at Pipedrive

    If You Want to Acquire and Retain Customers, You Need to Know What Your Product is Actually Competing Against
  2. 7. When Losing a User Gets You Closer to Your Company Mission - Miles Norris - CPO at Bumble & Badoo (MagicLab)

    Customer Acquisition Matters, But Not at All Costs.
  3. 8. How to Build Data Driven Roadmaps - Sushma Rao - Lead Product Manager at Nike

    Discover Nike’s Five-Step Process for Agile Product Creation
  4. 9. How Media Companies Are Managing the Digital Transformation - Rachel Bailin - Former Director of Product at Disney

    The Media Landscape is Changing Day by Day, Here’s How Product Managers are Finding Order in the Chaos
  5. 10. How to Generate Insights and Influence Products - Matin Movassate - Co-founder and CEO of Heap

    How to Join the Dots Between Data Analytics and Product Creation

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