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  • What the Product Management role actually looks like

  • Why now is the best time in history to build digital products

  • Everything you need to build out an irresistible resume

What’s Inside "Hired" - The New Free eBook from Product School

After years of working with and learning from today’s top Product Leaders, we’ve condensed their knowledge into this all-in-one guide to starting your PM career.

  • What Product Managers Are/Are Not

  • Why Product Management? Why Now?

  • The Technical Skills Product Managers Need

  • Common Transitions And How To Do Them

  • Preparing For the Change to Product

  • What Kind of Product Manager Do You Want to Be?

  • The Difference: PM at Startups vs Large Corporations

  • Finding The Job That’s Right For You

  • Building a Resume Recruiters Will Notice

  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn for PM Job Hunting

  • Red Flags To Look Out For in Job Postings

  • Why Start a Side Project?

  • How to Kickstart a Side Project

  • How to Showcase Your Side Project on Your Resume

  • What to Expect From the PM Interview Process

  • Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

  • Typical Product Management Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

  • The Ultimate List of Product Management Interview Questions

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Transitioning To Your New Job

  • The 30-60-90 Day Plan

Not Technical? No Problem!

No matter your background, there has never been a better time to break into Product Management. You don’t need a CS degree. You don’t need an MBA. All you need is a passion for solving problems, and the drive to chase your dream job. 


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