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4.8 / 5

4.8 stars rating

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The Product Manager Certification certification led us through all the useful tools for different product phase and helped me land my product job. PMC is definitely a certification every product manager should get.

Yuchi Hsieh
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Quora reviews

4.9 / 5 ★
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Product School is a great fit whether you have zero PM experience and want to make a career shift or you've recently started your PM journey and need guidance. You will leave this course knowing how to ship a product that makes your users awesome.

Kathy Lee

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I highly recommend the Lead Product Management Certification course at Product School. The course covers a wide range of topics and provides practical tools and insights that are applicable in the workplace.

Carlos Ruiz Del Vizo

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Product school has designed an eight weeks course on product management, where students get to not only learn the theoretical concepts that a product manager should know but also apply them to one of their personal projects.

Vijith Venkatesh

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Google reviews

4.8 / 5 ★
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Overall, Product School has been an amazing and very rewarding experience. My classmates are now people I can reach out to for support. I will forever be thankful for the program, curriculum, staff, and mentors...

Juan Acosta


Product School was a great investment in my future as a PM. I joined Product School to learn how product management is done correctly and to learn best practices. I got everything I signed up for and more.

Thomas Rand-Nash

Group Product Manager
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The combination of experienced faculty members (Working Product Managers) and enthusiastic peers makes learning a lot more fun. The curriculum provides you a well rounded knowledge of both theoretical and hand-on knowledge.

Shreya Bhushan

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Taking both PMC and PLC helped me develop critical product skills to master my job and get a product promotion. The case studies and real examples shared by my instructor helped me put into practice the frameworks that I learned and drive impact in my work.

Paulina Mwangi
Sr Director of Product
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Yelp! reviews

4.5 / 5 ★
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Product School is definitely worth the admission fee and has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life so far. The resources, network, support are unbeatable. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to get involved in product...

Ryan C

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I was pretty hesitant to take this course due to the cost however it was well worth it after the first week. I had a lot of really talented people in my class and learned a lot from them as well as a lot from my instructor.

Sheryl C

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I rate Product School 5 stars on content, instructors, networking, and resources. Those are the criteria I cared about when selecting Product School and my class turned out great, an excellent value for the price.

David K.

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This certification covers everything you need to know about Product Management to jumpstart and land your first PM job. It isn’t all theory, you get to apply everything you learn to your own project and the instructors provide feedback to help you improve.

Medha Ghatikesh
Head of Product
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CourseReport reviews

4.8 / 5 ★
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The program and the instructor were exactly what I needed to bring together my experience into focus and make a significant impact on my role and with my team in a very short time. I would recommend to everyone looking to become a product leader.

Hussein Hallak

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Product School is not only for people who want to transition to be Product Managers, but also for experienced product manager to reinforce their skill sets and advance their careers.

Peter Ng

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Absolutely worth the cost! The structure of the class was very intimate and the material covered was very thorough. The instructor brought so many relevant and helpful insights about what it takes to succeed as a Product Manager.

Yoofi Otabil

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It was truly inspiring to interact and learn from some of the smartest individuals across the globe.

Nikhil Atkuri
Senior Product Manager
Nikhil Atkuri

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