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Product School is the global leader in product training and advisory

Experienced Transformation and Product Leaders

For over 10 years, we have helped companies of all sizes, at all stages, build world class product teams.  We provide firsthand experience from both the consumer and enterprise sectors, armed with proven strategies and methodologies. Ready to address your challenges, we harness insights that fuel successful digital transformations and innovative product development.

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Custom Plan and Learning Journey

 Product School builds a holistic learning plan specific to the needs and context of your team, designed to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. We are trusted by leading companies across the globe to transform and upskill teams maximizing for business outcomes.

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Tailored Delivery

Our team  spans timezones and locations, delivering in the format and location that works best for your team.  We build and deliver services for you in person, virtually or both. 

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What we offer

Product training

Product training

Your one-stop solution to upskill your organization in order to deliver on outcomes that matter

Customized learning paths designed to meet you and your team where you are and bring you where you want to be

Continued learning through on-demand content after the engagement ends

Hands-on training with real-life examples and industry specific case studies

AI Training

AI training

Accelerate revenue and boost productivity through effective use of AI tools

Unlock efficiency and triple productivity through the effective use of AI tools and prompting

Advance your outcomes; teach your teams how to craft compelling and organized AI product strategies

Stay competitive; fuel the ability of your product managers to deliver innovative  AI products

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our team works closely with you to identify the root cause of symptoms you observe so that we can make the right recommendations for your product team.

Your training plan is specific to your business and your team(s).  Using a mix of instruction, specialized workshops, and product coaching, we work closely with you to tailor your plan to exactly what you need.  Your training will incorporate some of your artifacts and examples while benefitting from the Product leadership and digital transformation experience all our instructors and coaches bring.

Yes! Companies that pair coaching with training experience greater adoption, long term impact, mastery and application of concepts. Coaching is an important investment in ensuring the sustainability of your team's growth and the maximization of your initial training expenditure.

The duration and frequency of training can vary depending on the specific needs and objectives of your team. Typically, we begin with an intensive 3-day workshop focused on advanced product management topics. To reinforce learning and ensure application of new skills, this initial training is often complemented by group coaching sessions. We suggest a starting commitment of one quarter, which allows time to assess and measure progress. Based on these assessments, we can adapt the program to address any gaps and refine our approach to best support continued development and achievement of strategic goals.

Our clients often come from heavily regulated industries or with teams mired in old ways of working.  Regulation and asynchronous change internally can get teams “stuck”… and discouraged.

We know, because we’ve seen it, that companies at all stages, of all sizes, in all industries can transform successfully and deliver higher value outcomes for customers as  result.

Yes! Product School training is facilitated around the world with teams of all sizes.

Everyone has a front-row seat. We break down training into small cohorts for individualized learning with a minimum size of 10. 

We can customize your learning path and training in as little as 4 weeks.

Yes! Based on your team’s specific needs we’ll facilitate workshops to spend more time and dive deeper into specific topics. We also have Group coaching sessions available to help reinforce learning from workshops and training by ensuring all teams adopt and apply the learnings.

All of our training is delivered live by a seasoned Product leader, with both in-person and online delivery available to meet your specific needs and schedules.

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