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Accelerate revenue and 2x productivity when you equip teams across your organization with AI skills and training.

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Companies across industries trust us to train their teams

Product School is the global leader in product training and advisory

Experienced Transformation and Product Leaders

For over 10 years, we have helped companies of all sizes, at all stages, build world class product teams.  We provide firsthand experience from both the consumer and enterprise sectors, armed with proven strategies and methodologies. Ready to address your challenges, we harness insights that fuel successful digital transformations and innovative product development.

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Custom Plan and Learning Journey

 Product School builds a holistic learning plan specific to the needs and context of your team, designed to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. We are trusted by leading companies across the globe to transform and upskill teams maximizing for business outcomes.

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Tailored Delivery

Our team  spans timezones and locations, delivering in the format and location that works best for your team.  We build and deliver services for you in person, virtually or both. 

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AI knowledge is power

Get Product School’s guide to the inner workings of artificial intelligence. Deepen your understanding of how to leverage and deploy AI products. Learn about:

  • The unique value propositions of AI
  • Large language models (LLMs) and how to use them
  • UX best practices and evaluating AI readiness
  • Opportunities to increase productivity and revenue

Arm yourself with the latest research and expert insights into the world of AI.

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In the AI of the Storm: Thriving Amid Technological Turbulence

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Our solution

We partner with you to hone and implement a plan that works for your team.


The goal of the pre-assessment is to evaluate the team's current state to identify the gaps in the current product management practices.

L&D Proposal

Our curriculum is based on 4 certifications, we put together the plan that works for your team. Talk here about how much and what can be customized.


Hands-on, interactive training, workshops, group coaching. Can mention again that we do daily check-ins to make sure we stay on track to achieve your goal.


Continuous learning via 2-year access to LMS (toolbox, templates, micro-certifications).

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Product School has been a tremendous partner with us. The continued workshops that they facilitate for us help to fortify our PMs by sharpening their skill sets and exposing them to new ideas and tools.

Trae Webb
Sr. Learning Advisor
Trae Webb Cox
Frequently asked questions

We empower teams with the knowledge they need to build or implement existing AI tools that automate up to 40% of their current workload. 

AI products represent a huge opportunity for increased customer satisfaction, stickiness, and product quality overall with an average ROI of 3.5x. By training your teams how to design and build AI-powered products, you position your company to reap the benefits.

Of course. Our instructors are happy to adapt the training to incorporate the tools and models that prove most useful for your teams.

We co-create with clients how to measure progress and outcomes and discuss results quarterly.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that every team in your organization stands to benefit from AI. Whether it's internal chatbots for HR teams or content generation for sales and marketing, Product School has AI-powered solutions and tried-and-true methods for their implementation.

All of our training is delivered live by industry leaders, with both in-person and online delivery available to meet your specific needs and schedules.

Future proof your team and discover how we can help you build Product excellence in your organization