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Nobody asked you to show up

Every experienced product manager has heard some version of those words at some point in their career. Think about a company. Engineers build the product. Designers make sure it has a great user experience and looks good. Marketing makes sure customers know about the product. Sales get potential customers to open their wallets to buy the product. What more does a company need? What does a product manager do?

The Product Book answers that question. Filled with practical advice, best practices, and expert tips, this book is here to help you succeed!


What's Inside "The Product Book"

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Product Management
  3. Strategically understanding a company
  4. Creating an opportunity hypothesis
  5. Validating your hypothesis
  6. From an idea to action
  7. Working with design
  8. Working with engineering
  9. Bringing your Product to Market
  10. Finishing the Product-Development life cycle

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#1 Amazon Bestseller
Verified Purchase

Super helpful before my job interview! I was excited when I heard about this book and was quick to get it. I’m grateful for all the efforts, knowledge, and time that was taken for its creation.

Verified purchase

Verified Purchase

This book is really good. It takes the reader through the whole product life cycle, digging deep in each of the steps of the journey. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to make a career as a product manager.

Verified purchase

Verified Purchase

Excellent book! Good read for aspiring product managers and product leaders. Most product management books are too theoretical or out of touch with industry practice, yet this book is the exact opposite. Highly recommend!

Verified purchase

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