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Available Micro-Certifications

Get the Product-Led Growth (PLGM)™ micro-certification and unlock new ways to onboard customers and increase revenue using Gainsight PX’s leading technology.

Created in partnership with Mixpanel, Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)™ will help you make better decisions with data!

Schedule a call with Admissions to learn how to get this Micro-Certification for free with the purchase of any certification.

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Product Management Templates

Approved by top Product Leaders, these templates will help you solve your problems and deliver as a PM with ease.

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Product Management Ebooks

Deep-dive into Product Management topics from the fundamentals to advanced topics.

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Events and webinars

Explore our live webinars and interviews with product leaders from top companies.

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Product Management Glossary

Is NPS your KPI for VOC? Confused? Master the product lexicon with our Product Management Glossary.

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The Product Podcast

If you want to master Product Management, then learn from the best. The Product Podcast brings you interviews and actionable advice from the people at the very top!

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