Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™

Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™

Land your first Product Marketing job.

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Product School Alum
“Product School played a pivotal role in my successful transition into Product Marketing. I learned new skills, was able to better package my existing experience, and made invaluable connections.”
Julia Szatar
Head of Product Marketing
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Kickstart your Product Marketing career

As a Product Marketing Manager, you need to master product positioning, deliver messaging that captivates customers, create exceptional go-to-market plans, and choose metrics to demonstrate impact. While other careers focus on just one or two of these, Product Marketing demands expertise in all. Wondering how to start? We're here to guide you.

Created with input and over a decade of experience from successful Product Marketing Leaders, the Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™ will equip you with the holistic set of skills to not only land a role in Product Marketing but also to excel at it. We won’t just teach you what a Product Marketer does — we’ll teach you how to think and act like one.

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PMC Overview Key Stats

We're here to help you land your first Product Marketing role and set the stage for your success. Here's how:

PMC Recognized-Instructors

Top-tier instructors from Silicon Valley’s leaders in Product Marketing

You'll learn directly from seasoned Product Marketing Leaders that have built and led teams at companies like Spotify, Shopify, DoorDash, and more. These leaders bring their real-world experiences, frameworks, and methodologies to the table, helping you to stand out in your Product Marketing journey.

PMC One-to-one

Personalized instructor engagement

Our live online classes maintain an average of just 20 students (as opposed to 400+ in other programs). This approach ensures that you receive interactive and personalized attention from our instructors (30 hours), along with tailored feedback addressing your specific needs as you master the art of Product Marketing.

PMC Industry-wide credibility

Over a decade of industry-wide recognition

Product School has helped over 15,000 professionals break into Product Management and secure jobs at companies like Google and Microsoft. This success has led to hiring managers across various industries recognizing and valuing candidates with Product School certifications.

How it works

Everything you need to succeed as a Product Marketing Manager. From getting your first job to crushing it during your first 90 days (and beyond), the Product Marketing Manager Certification will set you up for success:

PMC Immersive instructor-led sessions

1. Immersive instructor-led sessions

Our interactive, hands-on curriculum is taught by the very best in Product Marketing from top companies such as Spotify, Netflix, and Shopify. Each session includes practical, live lectures, real-world case studies, and interactive activities that go beyond theory and frameworks. You'll learn directly from experienced Product Marketing leaders and interact with your instructor in a small class setting, allowing for personalized feedback and guidance. With our curriculum, you'll gain the practical skills you need to land a PMM job and stand out once you're hired.

PMC Build something real for your portfolio

2. Build something real for your portfolio

For your last session, you'll apply everything you’ve learned through a comprehensive final project. You’ll leverage your new skills to make product recommendations, develop messaging & positioning, & bring it all together with a comprehensive go-to-market plan to successfully launch your product. This isn't just a class project – it's a tangible and compelling portfolio piece that you can share with future employers.

PMC Learn anytime with lifetime access to content and tools

3. Learn anytime with lifetime access to content and tools

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the course. Revisit certain concepts or refresh your skills with on-demand access to all course materials and tools any time, from anywhere. In addition, we provide you with access to a range of real-world PMM frameworks and templates so you can hit the ground running on day one of your new job. We're here to support your learning journey, even after you've completed the course.

PMC Access a network of successful alumni

4. Access a network of successful alumni

With our Product Marketing Manager Certification you’ll also become part of a thriving community of Product Managers and Marketers. Our alumni network is made up of over 15,000 successful professionals who have gone on to work at top companies such as Google, Uber, and Meta. As a part of the Product School community, you’ll gain access to a wealth of industry connections and opportunities, build deep relationships with peers, and learn from their experiences. This community is critical in landing your first Product Marketing job and succeeding as you progress in your career.

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This course not only provided a comprehensive foundation in product marketing but also enriched the learning experience with interactive breakout groups and exercises. The hands-on examples and case studies helped me to build the confidence to apply the skill sets in real life.

Suji Yeon
Senior Campaign Marketing Manager
Suji Yeon PMMC testimonial
Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™ curriculum

Here's what's covered:

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Tuition payment options

We have flexible options to get you on your way to your Product Marketing goals:

✓ Employer sponsorship. Convince your manager by using this template

✓ Interest free installment plans

✓ Enroll three people or more and get a group discount. Learn more

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Frequently asked questions

Product School certifications are the gold standard in Product Management and are recognized across the industry. Since 2014, Product School has been at the cutting edge of Product Management education. We’ve certified over 15,000  Product Managers from around the world, so we know exactly what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive and ever changing industry. Hiring managers recognize that our alumni have been trained by the very best.

We know you’re busy, so making this fit in with your schedule is key! That’s why we have multiple course options that focus on making this as convenient as possible. Choose from our: 6-week, part-time course on weeknights or weekends, or fast-track your education with an intensive, 5-day, full-time course, for a total of 30 hours of training. Check out our upcoming PMMC cohorts.

Our instructors are accomplished Product Marketing leaders who work at prominent Silicon Valley companies, such as Netflix, Spotify, Pendo, and Doordash. As experienced professionals with years of experience building  and launching digital products, they know exactly what it takes to get hired as a Product Marketing Manager and succeed in the role once you have it.

At Product School, we believe in fostering a collaborative and personalized learning environment. That's why we keep our class sizes small, with an average of just 20 students per class. Unlike other Product Marketing courses, where you may be competing for the instructor's attention among dozens or even hundreds of students, we ensure that you'll receive individual attention and forge meaningful relationships with your instructor and peers. They’re also just big enough that you benefit from learning and networking alongside students with a broad range of professional backgrounds.

Our sessions are hands-on, immersive, and practical from the very first day. You’ll be taking part in group exercises, discussing case studies, creating content to add directly to your portfolio, strengthening your resume, and practicing mock interviews. By the end of the sessions, you’ll have deeper knowledge and skills in Product Marketing supported by a tool-kit of frameworks aligned to real-world examples to help you land your first product job or get your next promotion.

All of Product School's courses are delivered live online. You'll be able to stream lectures in real-time, interact with your instructor, and collaborate with your peers from anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your own home. We offer cohorts at various times to accommodate students from different time zones and locations around the world.

Yes! Our certification programs are designed to cater to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and career aspirations. The Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™ is for people from any professional background who have not yet worked in a Product Marketing role—you don’t have to be a marketer or have a specific background!

Absolutely! We frequently customize training for companies looking to onboard new talent, upskill and align existing teams, and outpace the competition. In-person or online, we’ll work with you to design a unique experience that fits your company’s needs and schedule, no matter where you are in the world. Speak to our Enterprise team to learn more today.

Product Marketing is a highly lucrative career path with one of the fastest-growing demand rates worldwide. According to, the average salary for Product Marketers is US$156,000 per year. We offer certification courses with tuition plans starting from just $154 per month. Schedule your free career call to explore which certification program and payment option aligns best with your career aspirations.

If you already know what certification you want to take and you’re ready to get started – enroll now! Or, if you have some questions and would like to chat with us, schedule your free career consultation at a time that suits you.

Take the first step towards becoming a Product Marketing Manager!