Mamuna Oladipo

VP of Product

Mamuna Oladipo is a tech-leading Product executive with a track record of building products that have scaled to millions of users. She is currently the VP of Product at Shopify. Before this, she was SVP of Product, Design, and Engineering at Kickstarter, where she managed the product management, product design, brand design and engineering teams. Prior to that, she was Vice President of Product at SeamlessDocs and Vice President of Product Marketing and Design at Sony Music Entertainment.

She has 9 years of experience in Product and has demonstrated the ability to work at the strategic level, generating bold and innovative ideas for growth, creating partnerships to generate results, and targeting opportunities in growth markets. According to her colleague, Mamuna takes on challenges holistically and effectively, handles curveballs calmly and cleverly, and approaches people sincerely and gracefully. She’s an inspiration who makes it happen.

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