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Aayush Upadhyay

Product Manager, Google

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Aayush is a Product Manager with experience in Computer Engineering and Technology. For the past nearly 6 years, he’s lent his expertise to Google as Product Manager taking on various projects. He began at Google as a Product Manager, working on the OnHub, Google's own router, and was the Product Manager for various parts of the infrastructure and privacy, advanced settings, accessibility, and network check/speed test. Aayush was also the Global Product Lead for Android Pay and led Google’s launches in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and other markets. He then went on to run a team working on new, interactive ad formats using VR/AR technology and PM on AR Ads team in Google NYC, working on new, immersive ad formats. Aayush is quite familiar with teaching and mentoring as well, as an Undergraduate Course Grader, he helped the students of CS223 (Data Structures + Programming Technique) write and debug C programs and write their C programs for the systems programming class - and doing code reviews for their assignments. His educational background includes a Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Science from Yale University. Most notably, Aayush has a publication called, “Behind The Ivy Curtain: A Data Driven Guide to Elite College Admissions,” where he analyzed SAT/ACT/GPA/test scores as well as qualitative things like extracurriculars and recommendations/essays from the College Confidential forums to build up a database of profiles and admission outcomes.

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