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Aitan Weinberg

former Product Leader, Google

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Aitan Weinberg, a distinguished product executive and innovator, brings over 18 years of rich experience, notably as a former Product Leader at Google and DoubleClick. Aitan's journey is marked by a profound passion for genuine innovation, people development, and cultivating high-performing teams. His illustrious career at Google spanned various key roles, where he played an instrumental part in building and leading teams that birthed billion-dollar products.

As the Head of Product for Google's Internal Enterprise Solutions, Aitan was the driving force behind introducing the Product Management function to a 600-person organization, overseeing verticals such as People Operations, Legal, Marketing, Finance, and Real Estate. Under his leadership, the team not only established a robust product culture but also responded to a unique challenge posed by Sundar, Google's CEO, to address the question of work allocation within a large organization. Aitan's innovative solution, deemed unsolvable by many, resulted in a dynamic flywheel that provided valuable insights at various organizational levels.

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