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Aleksandre Saparishvili


Aleksandre Saparishvili

Lead Admissions Manager, Product School

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Aleksandre Saparishvili, with over 4 years of invaluable international experience in the realms of sales and business consulting, Aleksandre currently serves as a Lead Admissions Manager at Product School.

Throughout his career, Alex has adeptly navigated the intricate landscape of sales, engaging with a diverse clientele that includes CEOs and key decision-makers across a spectrum of industries. Alex has successfully managed relationships with companies spanning from those with $2 million in revenue to colossal enterprises boasting $50 billion in financial prowess. This rich experience has not only honed his skills in understanding the nuances of diverse industries but has also solidified [his/her] ability to connect with clients at various scales, ensuring a tailored and impactful approach to admissions management at Product School.

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